November 22



A place in Italy I want to vist is Rome. I want to go there because I have heard such good things about Rome. Some places in Rome is the Colosseo, Roman Forum, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. The population in Rome is 2,868,461. 

Some food places in Rome I want to vist is Trasteveve. some food in Rome. I want to eat is gelato, pasta and  pizza and many more food.

  If you are a Itailan person you eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and you never stop I am a Itailan person. I have lots of cousins in Rome on my dads side.


I want to go to Rome so so so so so so so so so so so so so badly. thats my mum to she wants to go so badly to. Just like me!!!!! My dad does not want to go so I am going to go with my mum. I really really want to try ice cream from Rome.

I want to go to Rome it my dream to go there I will go there one day I no I will because my mum will take me to Rome 

Love from Alessia oxx



November 22

Book week

On the 25 of August it was our school parade and I want to tell you a bit about it. I was dressed up as Moana she is from the movie Moana. we had the parade in the morning at 9:00, It was so much fun. Some book week books we read was Go home cheeky animals, Fabish the horse who Braved the fire and out.

Last week we also did activities. My  friend Lucy dressed up as Matilda and my other friend dressed up as ms honey they are from the same movie.there also is my other friend Laila and she was a netball girl she was so pretty.

for book week there was three girl in my class and they all dressed up as the three little pigs it was so cute. then there was this other girl in my class and she dressed up as the wolf.

The book week parade was so cool because there was my friend bother and he dressed up as a big red dog he was the cutest thing ever I loved him to bits. I hi fived him it made my  day the best day in my whole life!


(: Thanks from Alessia xxx:)


October 24

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

1. Go to Rome!

2. Hold a Panda!

3. Be a gymnastics teacher!

4. Go on a cruise!

5. Be a better writer!

6. Go to London!

7.Go sky diving

8. Go to Sydney!

9. Get my own house!

10. Learn to drive a car!

11. See my cousins in Argentina.

12. Go to Queensland again.

13. Live in Normanville.

14. Type faster.

15. Do a arial on the grass.

October 24

My favorite animal

My Favorite animal


Hi my name is Alessia and my favorite animal is a panda. I like this animal because it is very cute and fluffy. I also like them because they are very, very cuddly. I love pandas so so so so so so so so much! Pandas are the cutest animal.


Pandas are black and white and really fluffy. You can find them in the zoo and some times in other places. Panda’s can be rough but some times they can be cute. Pandas eat many leaves and from different kinds of trees.


Pandas live in lots of places like the zoo it IS so cool that they can live in many different places they also live in the  jungle the jungle for them is really good because they can run around. Pandas live in the jungle so the can eat things from the tree.

Pandas eat bamboo from trees they eat that because they can’t eat anything else. Pandas love bamboo so so so so so much. they eat it all the time. They eat it  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Pandas run around a lot because they have lots of  energy.  They have a huge place to live in the jungle. Pandas like to play fight in their huge place. 

October 24


Weir Do

Hello my name is Alessia. I started reading the book series Weir Do last year. The books are so funny! Whenever I read the book I laugh so much, and all my friends do too.

In Weir Do some of the characters are Weir’s Mum, Weir’s Dad, Weir’s sister Sally, and Weir’s little brother Roger.  His brother likes to eat dirt and likes to play with it. He also likes to play with worms! There’s also Weir’s friend Henry, he is as funny as weirdo. There’s also a guy called Blake Green and he is so naughty and rude to the teachers and the principle!

Also in Weirdo there is a kid called Hans, he always says ‘LOL’. He also says ‘totely cool’ all the time. Like all the time. There is also a kid called Bella Allen, Weir likes Bella Allen a lot. There is also Weir’s Grandad. He is so funny and he has fake teeth! It is so funny when he always pulls them out. So that’s why he makes everyone laugh their heads off. There also is Weir’s Grandma. And she is the funniest in the family. She dresses up in all kinds of costumes it’s so funny!!!  Thankyou for reading an I hope you read the book ‘Weir Do’ by Anh Do!!!

August 3

My Amazing holiday

In the holidays I went to a park for a picnic with my mum’s friend, Nadia, and her kids. We also had a picnic with my friend Sofia . It was so much fun. We went to Wombat Waterhole.

I loved it there, so did Sofia. In fact, we all loved it!

We also went to Brunellis with my cousin and my mum’s cousin. My mum’s cousin is having a baby. That’s why we caught up with her. When we left Brunelli’s, I rubbed her belly for good luck! There was a huge playground for kids. It was so much FUN!

We also went to West Lakes to find my Confirmation dress, but we didn’t find it. My cousins and I got our hair done. I got two buns with glitter in the middle of my scalp. My sister got that too. My cousins got braids with glitter in the middle of their scalp too.

We also went to Marion Shopping Centre. We went because I had to buy my Confirmation dress. We went to Bardot Junior and brought a blue


August 3



Sports Day

At Sports Day, we had many events.  Some of my events were long jump, high jump, sprints, shot put and hurdles.  I came fourth in hurdles and I also came third in sprints.

My favourite event was high jump because I jumped over the rope in all of the jumps. I  loved the high jump because I can jump high. I also loved sprints because I love running- and I can run fast!

Then, we did the Health Hustle to a song. We  did it altogether.  The song was called Hey Mickey!” and it was so much fun! The actions were a bit harder at first. But when I kept on trying, I finally did it. Then the actions were fun.

After that, we did our team chants.  My team and the other teams did their team cheers as well.  It was so much fun doing our cheer. I  loved the actions when I got used to it.

Then we listened  to who won.  We were so nervous that we couldn’t  wait.  So then, we did a drum roll on our knees! Then it was announced- MacKillop (blue) won. That was my friend’s team.  She was happy because they haven’t won in ages!